One of the most interesting works around portrait that I know is “In the American west” of Richard Avedon. Bridging the gap, I have tried something similar, just showing people in a place and a moment of their lives.

I also like very much the frontal portraits of August Sander, the German photographer. He has many different types of portraits during all his life, but the ones who inspired me have been those who show the people doing his jobs, or expressing what they do in their lives.  The issue is not the same in my project but the way to treat the person photographed, from the front.



For the work around London I have been inspired by the work of one of my friends here in Cantabria (Spain), Maxi del Campo. He made a really good work in New York many years ago (before the 9/11), and I have tried to do something similar when going around London. Apart from this there are plenty of examples you can see in both books or in the internet, where you can find different towns “portrayed” by many photographers.

 As you can see in his flickr, he also has other different towns, in a nice way, in my opinion.

There is also a Catalan photographer that worked last century in Barcelona, called Francesc Catalá I Roca, that has extraordinary photos of Barcelona around the fifties, I love his work.

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