One of the most interesting works around portrait that I know is “In the American west” of Richard Avedon. Bridging the gap, I have tried something similar, just showing people in a place and a moment of their lives.

I also like very much the frontal portraits of August Sander, the German photographer. He has many different types of portraits during all his life, but the ones who inspired me have been those who show the people doing his jobs, or expressing what they do in their lives.  The issue is not the same in my project but the way to treat the person photographed, from the front.



For the work around London I have been inspired by the work of one of my friends here in Cantabria (Spain), Maxi del Campo. He made a really good work in New York many years ago (before the 9/11), and I have tried to do something similar when going around London. Apart from this there are plenty of examples you can see in both books or in the internet, where you can find different towns “portrayed” by many photographers.

 As you can see in his flickr, he also has other different towns, in a nice way, in my opinion.

There is also a Catalan photographer that worked last century in Barcelona, called Francesc Catalá I Roca, that has extraordinary photos of Barcelona around the fifties, I love his work.

LONDON WALK (statement of intent)

Theme: Travel and Reportage
Candidate name: Fran Martínez
Title of the theme: London Walk

Intentions/purpose of the photography to be undertaken
My intention with this work is going around a big town like London, and photographing things that show both the human and the architectural aspects of the city. This pictures will be included in my location Photography course blog. I will prepare a digital presentation with them, with ambient music.

Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)
I decided to show a different London view, because i have been there a few times but on this occasion is the first one that i go there all the time with my camera ready, and I can concentrate on all I can see around. A possible title for this could be something like “walk around London” because is that, a two days walking in the capital.
This is a total different work than the first one I made for this course, based on portraits of people. I would like to show other side of my photography, like it is travel photos.
There are a lot of photographers that inspired me, making great essays about big cities, One of them was Eugene Atget, with his work about Paris. My work is completely different than his one, but I love the way he tried to show that city, I have one of his books.
Another great spanish photographer that made a nice work around Barcelona and inspired me was Francesc Catalá- Roca, that lived there in the fifties. I love the way he used the light in this long work.

The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and why
I will use my Olympus EP L1 “mirrorless” digital camera. This a very versatile camera, because is quite small and very useful for street shoots. People can’t see you with this one, it is not like a reflex camera that make people see you by its size…
I feel invisible with this tool, I move around and nobody see me (joking, but close to reality).Unlike the other project, I don’t use the tripod in any picture, but sometimes I have put the camera on the ground, over a bin, or in any other places for having stability.
I use two lenses, 19mm 2.8 (38mm equivalent) for most of the shoots, and a 50mm 1.7 for close ups (100mm equivalent).

 Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visual message
I will use many different techniques in this series. From f11 apertures for some city scapes, to wide open for some pictures inside the museums. In some shoots I use slow speed for having ths movement sensation (arriving to 8 seconds), and in others, very high speed.

How light quality can be used to help convey the visual message
Like all the modern towns, London has a really big mix of lights that you can show (or not). I shall be using from natural lighting (available on the day) to the artificial ones when the sun goes down, that the city offers to me in the different places. This is a very general point of view of the town, then I have to show all types of lights.
Perhaps it will be necessary to use high ISO (400 or 800) for some images to compensate low lighting conditions, we will see.

Safety considerations
I have to wear coat and good boots for walking, because I am going to be around for many kilometers (hours) and the weather in London is not really predictable weather so taking an umbrella is a good idea.

Legal aspects, ethical considerations, copyright, permissions, release forms.
I have not think about this point but the main is beware with the photos of the people, I don’t use to shoot anybody without permission, this is a basic for me. The town invites you to do this type of pictures but normally they are not very interesting (almost for me). Of course this is more committed if you take pictures of kids.


LONDON WALK (pictures info)


Iso 100 f3,5 1/40   30/3/13    10:59

Iso 100 f4 1/80   30/3/13    11:06

Iso 100 f4 1/80   30/3/13    11:09

Iso 100 f5,6 1/160   30/3/13    11:20

Iso 100 f5,6 1/640   30/3/13    11:53

Iso 100 f5,6 1/1000   30/3/13    12:04

Iso 100 f4 1/200   30/3/13    13:42

Iso 100 f5,6 1/100   30/3/13    13:48

Iso 100 f5,6 1/100   30/3/13    13:51

Iso 100 f5,6 1/125  30/3/13    13:54

Iso 100 f5,6 1/80   30/3/13    13:56

Iso 100 f4 1/100   30/3/13    14:18

Iso 200 f4 1/40   30/3/13    15:15

Iso 100 f5 1/100   30/3/13    16:28

Iso 100 f5 1/100   30/3/13    17:04

Iso 100 f5,6 1/250   30/3/13    17:12

Iso 100 f5,6 1/320   30/3/13    17:13

Iso 400 f2,8 1/40   30/3/13    20:11

Iso 400 f2,8 1/40   30/3/13    20:12

Iso 400 f1,7 1/800   30/3/13    20:27

Iso 800 f3,5 1/5   30/3/13    21:25

Iso 400 f3,5 1/10   30/3/13    21:30

Iso 400 f2,8 1/30   31/3/13    08:58

Iso 100 f7,1 1/80   31/3/13    09:53

Iso 400 f2,8 1/50   31/3/13    11:10

Iso 400 f1,7 1/40   31/3/13    11:40

Iso 400 f2,8 1/80   31/3/13    11:53

Iso 100 f6,3 1/100   31/3/13    14:46

Iso 100 f22 0,8s   31/3/13    17:59

Iso 200 f2,8 1/40   31/3/13    19:31

Iso 200 f8 2s   31/3/13    19:43

Iso 200 f8 8s   31/3/13    20:02



TOMY             he comes always with his dogs
Iso 200 f4 1/250   14/2/13   16:06

TARA/REBECCA                    just for walking
Iso 200 f4 1/250   14/2/13    16:09
Highlights / shadows : In this case the grey sky (top left) goes close to be burned, because I needed the faces with correct exposure. I think shadows are well controlled.
Post processing : I have used the plugin “Silver efex pro” with a modified preset.
Additional comments : Very nice situation because the two girls went around the park with their mother, but she didn’t want to be portrayed. They went with their dog, but I wasn’t interested in the dog (this time).

PETER             for doing exercise
Iso 200 f4 1/250   14/2/13    16:14
Highlights / shadows : The shadows are under control but the highlights (sky) are 50% burned. I don’t mind it because is interesting for isolating the subject. We can see his shape over the white sky.
Post processing : Adobe camera raw + Photoshop CS5 +  “Silver efex pro” with a modified preset.
Additional comments : This man says to me that he use to walk for medical prescription. Sometimes people gives you much more info than you asked from them.

ESTHER & MARE                   they come for walking (and chating)
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:12
Highlights / shadows : Very contrast one, with that white BUFANDA, but all under control.
Post processing : Not really very modified from the original, the BW is from silver efex pro.
Additional comments :  Two old friends. 50 metres far I was listening them talking and laughing with a very good feeling between them. I am pretty sure they were waiting for my question, and they said a clear and strong “YES” together, great people in that age that you know what is important in life (share with your friends for example).


MILES             he works close to the park
Iso 100 f4 1/125   1/3/13   14:42
Highlights / shadows : The “Miles picture” is overexpose in the sky, the situation is similar as the last one
Post processing : ACR + Photoshop CS 5 and I have used the plugin “Silver efex pro” with a modified preset.
Additional comments : The tree behind the subject diverts attention by breaking the white sky background. I put this one to see this kind of mistakes that apprentices like me have to improve.

ZAID               crosses the park for going to the mosque
Iso 100 f4 1/200   1/3/13   14:46
Highlights / shadows : In this picture there are no problems with lights, just a small part overexposure on the top right (grey sky that goes to white).
Post processing : ACR + photoshop CS 5 and I have used the plugin “Silver efex pro” with a modified preset.
Additional comments : Very kind person that stop with me in his way to his Friday on the mosque, he asked me several questions about the project but in a very polite way he posed for the picture.

ANTHONY     feeds the birds everyday
Iso 100  f4  1/200 1/3/13    14:59
Highlights / shadows : this picture is the only one in the book made with sunlight, when I arrived to the park was grey but in minutes the sun start to break the clouds. Because of that, I had a few problems with the highlights, as you can notice.
Post processing : Photoshop CS5 + Silver efex pro
Additional comments : This is a “different” picture, Anthony is a man that comes everyday to the park, and I had the opportunity to shot him with the birds around, they know he comes with food and, in seconds, he is completely   RODEADO of many of the birds fo the park.

BECKY             comes with her baby for walking
Iso 100 f4  1/100   1/3/13   15:09
Highlights / shadows : A little bit overexpose on the left corner sky.
Post processing : Photoshop CS5 + Silver efex pro
Additional comments : This is a very interesting picture for me. I think that when a woman goes around with her baby, they are in a very INTIMO moment, and when someone (like me) goes there, i think I am breaking something very personal. But the interesting thing is that she ACCEDIÓ  to be portrayed, from the first second. Very nice situation.

SAM+MACHELA       come for making exercise
Iso 100 f4  1/100   1/3/13   15:13
Highlights / shadows : Little overexposure on the sky.
Post processing : Photoshop CS5 + Silver efex pro
Additional comments : It is curious this one, talking about the situation, they seem tow friends that go together for a walk, and when I asked for the picture, they  SE COMPORTARON with nervous, but in seconds they situated the way you can see. I like to imagine that this photo broke the distance between them, and perhaps make it easy for them to know each other better.

CAMERON                 comes to practice skating with his friends
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:09
Highlights / shadows : Because the light is very similar in all the frame, there weren’t problems with it at all, easy to measure.
Post processing : ACR + Photoshop CS5 + Silver efex pro
Additional comments : I think this guy has a very strong personality, why?, because he went around with some colleges, to skate in the park, and I suddently asked them for a picture…he was the only one that said “yes”, and made wait for him the rest of the group. While his friends where laughing about the situation he was very formal and posed very well for this picture.

PHIL                comes to walk with his dog
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:15
Highlights / shadows : Good exposure in general, no problems with this one. (when you don’t include the sky all is easier).
Post processing : ACR + photoshop CS 5 + silver efex pro
Additional comments : he was observing the picture before of the two women and I was sure he wanted to be portrayed, very nice person with a different POSE  than the rest.

TONY              walking with his dog
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:21
Highlights / shadows : In this case I used one of the ACR tools for BAJAR  the burned sky a little bit.
Post processing : ACR + photoshop CS 5 + silver efex pro
Additional comments : That day I put the tripod in one place and I just had to wait the people, most of them with their dogs.

KNIGHT                      lives close to the park
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:46
Highlights / shadows : All ok, (good histogram). As highlights as shadows under control in the first shot.
Post processing : ACR + photoshop CS 5 + silver efex pro
Additional comments : I have to admit that this is one of the persons that I thought that wasn’t go to stop for the picture, and he surprised me, fortunately. Perhaps it seemed too serious and busy for stopping, I am happy when these types of PREJUICIOS are broken.

DENNIS                      comes for making exercise
Iso 100 f4  1/60   20/3/13   16:51
Highlights / shadows : A touch to the sky for putting into the histogram, but not too much.
Post processing : ACR + photoshop CS 5 + silver efex pro
Additional comments :  I would calificate him as the perfect mancunian;  AMABLE, with sense of humor and polite. All he said was thanks many times, great man.

ANNE             lives close to the park, crosses it everyday. Anne is the only person that i knew before this work.
Iso 100 f4  1/600   20/3/13   16:57
Highlights / shadows : All ok in this case.
Post processing :  ACR + photoshop CS 5 + silver efex pro
Additional comments : Perhaps her hair is confused with the background,  this is one of my mistakes in this series. I said thanks to her because she was on a hurry and she had the patiente of stopping 5 minutes for me.

Soon you will be able to see the book.