I'm starting with my project for this course. don't konw where it will end, may be changing, but for now I'm doing portraits of people on the park in front of my home. It is Platt fields. 

I ask permission, I make the pictures (usually two) and ask them their name and why they come to the park. For now I've only done these pictures and just two other people didn't give permission. I put the first because I made the wrong decision to take just one picture and it resulted with his eyes closed, a shame.  
I think this work can be nice, especially through contact with people, many neighbors that i did not know. I still work in black and white, the colors do not serve me (for now). 
Not very original, it's just show people, at a particular time in history, in a public place that I like. Just that. Perhaps a sociologist might use this for a deeper analysis on how and why we take refuge in this kind of  "seminatural" places to escape for a moment from the city.

I share this for you to comment (not just for saying i like or i don't like, please explain why), THANKS 


  1. Great stuff Fran. I think some of the best photographs and projects are based on simple, straightforward ideas. I find portraiture fascinating, a picture that tells the story of two people meeting - photographer and subject. Your approach is honest and direct, this comes through in your images. Do you think it's important that all of your subjects are looking directly into the camera?

  2. Anonymous28.2.13

    about your question Richard; Well i don't mind if they look directly to the camera or not, in fact, the man with the dog doesn't look to the camera, i think. As you say for me the important point is the situation (perhaps more than the photo), i stop someone completely unknown and ask for a picture of him/her...why would you say " No" or "Yes"?. The thing is that for many people this is an uncomfortable situation, and not for others, i think, not sure at all. The great is that more than 80 per cent of people say yes and that makes me fell good because i trust in people a lot, and this is very confidence for me. Thats why i say that perhaps the photo is not the most important, is just a result of all these things i said before. Inclusive when they say "no" you understand them very well, and always have to say thank you. Is the camera a tool that gives you the chance for meeting people? definitely yes, and marvellous people.